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Ziggo video on demand network architecture

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Hi all,
Sorry for the post being in English but it's my first language.
I am trying to find reference material about the Ziggo video on demand network architecture. I know that the Ziggo client connects to CloudTV stitcher which then routes to the Cloud TV Transcoder which contacts the VOD server but I would like to know what is communicated step by step from the Client to the Stitcher to the Transcoder to the VOD server to retrieve the movie I request. I would like a break down of the exact steps used by the client to get the movie to my TV set. I would like this preferrably in an official document from Ziggo but that's not essential.
I hope some one can help.
I doubt if Ziggo would share this information as I can imagine this is confidential /competitively sensitive information.

So unless you need this information to perform a task on Ziggo's benefit (but if so probably you would not need to ask here), I very much doubt anyone here can help you.

The only thing ever disclosed is the generic CloudTV whitepaper on the technology. But I assume from what you state you do already know that you already have read that one.
Thanks Xahmol,
I wasn't really thinking about the fact it might be sensitive information when I posted the comment. You are probably correct.
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