Windows 10 capped at ~150Mbps (direct cable to router or wifi), Apple Laptops get full 500Mbps on WiFi


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Apologies for English. I have strange situation - hence the forum :)

Two of my Apple Laptops get full 500Mbps via WiFi and my Windows 10 PC cannot get past 150-170Mbps …
This limit for PC is both on WiFi and Direct cable connection to Ziggo Router.

Tried turning on/off the TCP autotuninglevel - no effect.
Tried TCPOptimizer - no effect.
And yes reboot after every change.

Anyone has any tips?
HP ZBook 15 G3

WiFi: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260
LAN: Intel Ethernet I219-LM

Both give me similar limit.
I have a docking station connected LAN cable via that too.

Drivers updated to latest.
OK did reset, reboot - same speed limit. Also tried different LAN cable. Same...
Try going to the properties of your network device, and turn off everything except IPv4:


And another option: Do you have any third party virus scanners? They also can slow down, just try turning it off (temporary).
I can disable everything except one "Broadcom Advanced Server Program Driver" and I cannot disable virus scanner (some things are managed by gods).

No change after reboot....
fucking hell, pardon my french. thank you! this is the right direction. I finally see 500Mbps! :) only in the safe mode. now slow process of cutting the crap out....
noticed that "Broadcom Driver" was still on when in safe mode only thing that was different is the absence of antivirus protection.