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upload speeds

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I'm on Chello Classic (NL), which according to the Official Chello Info Page is 2560 Kbps down and 384 Kbps up.

However, i've suspected for a while that for some reason, i've been capped at a lower speed of 2048kbps down and 128kbps up. I've used Speedtest.nl and got this.
Download = 178.2 KByte/sec (=1426 kbps)
Upload = 13.8 KByte/sec (=110 kbps)
Connection = 372.0 Conn/min
Ping test Nederland = 17.0 ms

Using the UPC test server and the 5MB download test, i get:
Maximum snelheid voor chello classic: 2560 Kbit/sec
Behaalde download snelheid: 1346 Kbit/sec
168.3 KByte/sec
Just about half the rate!

Using the UPC test server and the 5MB upload test, i get:
Maximum upload snelheid voor chello classic: 384 Kbit/sec
Behaalde upload snelheid: 115 Kbit/Sec
Not even half the speed!

Looking thru the comparison tests, it's pretty obvious i'm not getting my full upload speed.
Is there any way of checking the modem (links plz) to find out what speed my modem has been capped at? After recent experiences, I wouldn't trust tech support to give me the time of day.

If anyone else with Chello classic could run the test, and post the results, i'd be grateful.
2560 Kbps down and 384 Kbps up are the new speeds of Chello classic. The speeds you mention are the old speeds.
Since feb. 2004 Chello is updating the network and giving their users the new speeds. For now not all users have the new speeds, especially Amsterdam (and surroundings) and Rotterdam (and surroundings) don't have the new speeds. It could take up a month or more before they have.

Check with Chello if you are still having the old speeds or if you shoukd have the new speeds by now.
Helpdesk UPC/ChelloTel. 0900 - 1580 (€ 0,10 / min.)
Chello (EMail): https://qmail.upc.nl/
I'm living in Rotterdam, and have the "new" classic speeds for about a month or two now.
And i don't use DHCP force ;)
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