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uncaping Surfboard 4100

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using the guide on www.surfboardhack.com has anyone acctully been able to download the config file for the modem from the dhcp server (tftp server)?

if so how ?

I have tried all kinds of diffrent tricks but have had no success.. there is now a way to get pass the md5 encryption (read here https://www.kjindnet.com/configs/md5.asp ) so I was thinking if anyone acctully managed to get a hold of a unedited file maybe he could chare?
Chello wil notice that you've uncapped your modem and they will disconnect you :(
Only on the newer cable networks they can see it ... im on the old "tebecai" network ... have uncapped my lancity animal for 1,5 years now .... was never disconnected ...

Ask on how .... msn messenger "[email protected]"

PrEgDoC Greeeeeeeetzzzzz
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