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Ubee EVW321B : Firewall and Upnp

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I'm a new Ziggo customer and I received a Ubee EVW321B. I have a problème : when firewall is set to low Upnp/DLNA services are not stable - If I set firewall to medium, Upnp is OK but this configuration is not ok for me because newsgroups are not accessible ...
Is it a known problem ? Is there any solution ?

Thanks for your help.


And excuse me for writing in English but I'm french and my Dutch isn't good enough.
The problem is unknown. I remember one person complaining that some things did not work in low firewall setting, but did work in med or high. No solutions were presented or others with similar problems.
The Ubee 321b is a new router with not that many users yet. :sad:
And this forum system has a very bad search engine (like most forum systems)

An advanced search for "ubee ldna low" says that all keywords are to short. :censored: And that would be the ideal search combination.

Than Google is your friend, as usual for a forum search. Do a search for:
site:ziggo-gebruikers.nl ubee ldna low
Use the complete above string and you find all relevant posts on this subject. (But no solutions)

I always am surprised that Google can do better forum searches than the forum software itself. :lol:
Thanks Briolet for your help - is there a way to report this problem to ziggo team ? do they read this forum ?

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