ubee 3200 uvw + air.Extreme

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Sorry for not wring in dutch (not fluent).
I looked around the forum to get an answer to my problem but I guess I am not that good in these matters.
I am hopping that someone can guide me through a solution.

  • My set up: imac + mac book pro + apple tv (+telephones and ipad) connected wireless to the network provided by the UBEE modem/router.

  • The signal UBEE produces is not strong enough to cover the whole house.

  • I have an airport extreme (ae) that I want to use to increase the reach of my network. Connection to AE wired.

  • The idea is to be able to connect to the same network to stream/share from one computer to the other and the apple tv
I tried the following:
1. wired connection ae-Ubee,
  • AE router mode off (bridge mode) and network mode "extent a wireless network"
  • result: AE unable to extent wireless network.
  • restarted the AE a couple of times but no result.
thank you very much for any help provided (answers can be in Dutch)
You write "Connection to AE wired.", so I assume that your AE is connected by utp cable. In that case you should not use the option "extent a wireless network".

I also have the Ubee with an AE behind it. Just create a normal wireless network on the AE. (The upper of the two choices) When using the same ssid and password as on the Ubee it will become one network.

Just one remark. When used in bridge mode, you can not create a guest network on the AE. (It will only work when another EA is also the router). It still does not work with the new firmware 7.6.4, apple released this week. Having the option of guest networks, might also be the reason for me to switch back to the router-behind-router situation I had running for over a year.
thanks (solved)

Briolet, it looks like it worked out fine.
I did not try speed yet, but the reach of the signal is much better now.
Connected also an airport express in one of the rooms with poor reach.
After the extreme was up and running the express connected without delay.

Shame for the guest network. You dont get that option under the express settings either.
By the way in the extreme the option to enable the guest network is there but there is no possibility to chose security settings (not sure if that is what you meant), maybe just a matter of time till they fix it. Like it is now it looks like the geniuses in cupertino forgot something..

Thanks for the help :thumb up:
Shame for the guest network.
With firmware 7.6.2 and older only guest networks were possible on the AE as router. This spring Apple launched firmware 7.6.3 that gave the possibility to use a guest network on an airport in bridge mode. That worked excellent with me as long as my other airport acted as router.

Now I have both my airports in bridge and the guest network feature bugs. Both do show the option to enable the guest network, but:

- On my 4th generation AE the option completely disappears when I check the option on and no further option dialogue.
- On my 5th generation AE, I can turn it on and configure the ssid and encryption, but I can no longer connect to it. :cry:

I have no idea if it was mend to work with an other router than the airport. Yesterday I installed the firmware 7.6.4 but with the same problems for both airports.
hmm that is really frustrating. Is it no option for you to use the AE as a router then and skip the router of Ziggo all together?
That would solve your problem with the guest network i guess but you would be counting one wireless signal less in the house.
I was also thinking initially to use ubee only as modem and rely to the airport extreme for the rest but I would still need one more device to cover all places in the house...
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