SMF Forum versie 1.1


  1. Netrebel
Vandaag is de forum software geupgrade van versie 1.1 RC3 naar 1.1 final!
Mocht je nog vreemde dingen tegen komen laat dat dan eventjes weten in dit topic.

Wat is er allemaal aangepast sinds 1.1 RC3?
Erg veel zo te zien :o

SMF 1.1                                                        December 01, 2006
December 2006
 ! Optimized a query in recent posts. (Recent.php)
 ! Image verification sound wouldn't always work in Firefox. (Subs-Sound.php)
 ! Caching user permissions was not always respecting deny permissions. (Load.php)
 ! Put in a fix for DST issues cropping up due to spanned events. (Calendar.php)

November 2006
 ! Previewing a post wasn't respecting the disable smiley option. (Post template)
 ! Changed the transfer-encoding method to base64 as it appears to be better supported by webmail clients. (Subs-Post.php)
 ! Fixed the spelling checker not work properly for non-western and UTF character sets. (spellcheck.js, Subs-Post.php)
 ! The JavaScript function php_strtolower wasn't working properly on all servers. (sha1.js)
 ! Made the recognition of the character set for the UTF8 conversion function case insensitive. (Admin.php)
 * The inline subject editor on the message index now allows 'enter' as save-key. (MessageIndex template)
 * The inline subject editor on the message index in some cases cancelled on selecting the input box. (xml_board.js, MessageIndex template)
 ! A missing email address in a package could cause two undefined indexes. (PackageGet.php, Packages template)
 ! Redirect to the theme list after deleting a theme. (Themes.php)
 ! Applied a different method to trim spaces for UTF-8 strings as the previous one didn't appear to be working on all servers. (Load.php)
 * Firefox doesn't display horizontal scrollbars when needed in code tags, so use some javascript to make it happen. (index templates)
 * Added a class to the containing div for the help window and for the audio verification. (Help and Register template)
 * Cleaned up the HTML a little for the audio verification. (Register template)
 ! Fixed a bug causing the age weight of a search to be zero. (Search.php)
 * The spell check function for inline editing didn't work properly in some cases. (Display template)
 ! Some columns containing message ID's were not formated as unsigned integers. (Search.php, ManageSearch.php, upgrade_1-1.sql, install_1-1.sql)
 ! Old PHP-versions didn't compile some regular expressions properly in UTF-8 mode. (Load.php, Search.php, Subs-Members.php, Subs-Post.php, Subs.php)
 ! The recent posts on the board index could use a different timezone in rare cases. (BoardIndex.php)
 ! Make sure fulltext indexes are dropped before they are created, in case they weren't detected properly. (ManageSearch.php)
 ! The avatar settings weren't getting reshown if you uploaded an invalid avatar. (Profile.php)
 ! Searching for Personal Messages always resulted in no more than one page. (PersonalMessages.php)
 ! PM labels selected for searching Personal messages were not carried over in consecutive pages. (PersonalMessages.php)
 ! Selecting multiple (but not all) labels for searching resulted in less results than expected. (PersonalMessages.php)
 * Clicking 'Advanced search' on searching Personal Messages redirected to the forum search. (PersonalMessages template)
 * The 'Advanced search' link in both PM and forum search didn't carry over the search term properly if it contained UTF-8 characters. (PersonalMessages template, Search template)
 * The id attribute used for labels had an invalid format in some templates. (Admin template, ManageNews template, PersonalMessages template, Poll template, Post template)
 * The PM folder HTML form was improperly referred to by JavaScript. (PersonalMessages template)
 ! Fixed several package manager bugs. (Packages.php, Subs-Package.php)
 & Added a language string for the above change. (Packages language files)
 ! Fixed the htmltrim function trimming too many characters. (Load.php)
 ! Prevent prefetching bots to clutter the error log when trying to access non-public boards. (Load.php)
 ! The quick login setting was reversed on the board index. (BoardIndex.php)
 ! The move-file directive used in package-info.xml was not working properly. (Subs-Package.php)
 ! Using the root path as FTP path for executing modifications in some cases returned a 'Path could not be found' error. (Subs-Package.php)
 ! Prevent search engine crawlers from indexing duplicate pages. (Display.php, index template)
 ! Selecting members for banning from a popup wasn't working properly. (Subs-Auth.php, ManageBans template)
 ! Small typo in Admin.php could throw an error during table optimization. (Admin.php)
 * Trying to set a topic to have no subject was causing a javascript error. (xml_board.js)
 ! An error could be triggered in rare cases on installing modifications. (Subs-Package.php)
 * Some pages of the help section didn't validate. (Help template)
 & Changed a language string for the above change. (Manual language file)

October 2006
 ! Fixed the page title on the user account deletion confirmation page. (Profile.php)
 ! The modSettings variable wasn't in the global list for the reset password function, making the integration call worthless. (Subs-Auth.php)
 ! The "Find Members" box loses track of whether it's buddies only on pagination. (Subs-Auth.php)
 ! Fixed various times where some necessary globals were missing. (ManageBoards.php, ManageSmileys.php, Reminder.php, RemoveTopic.php)
 * Only show dividers between BBC buttons if there are some within the dividers. (Post templates)
 ! Searching for member details by date was often a fruitless experience. (ManageMembers.php)
 * Try to avoid the "register button won't work" scenario on register. (Register template)
 ! When fixing BBC tags make sure to always assign a closing tag. (Subs-Post.php)
 ! Make sure that Mambo/Joomla bridges do not use the $database object for accessing the SMF database. (several files)
 ! When saving the config, Joomla was adding in new rows when it should have been updating existing rows. (Mambo/Joomla bridge/admin.smf.php)
 & Fixed small typos in admin panel. (Admin.english.php, Themes.english.php)
 * Linked membergroup name in ManageMembergroups to the list of members. (ManageMembergroups.php, ManageMembergroups.template)
 + Added browser detection for Firefox 1 and Firefox 2 specifically. (Load.php)
 ! CAPTCHA now uses truetype fonts wherever possible to give slightly clearer images. (Subs-Graphics.php, several fonts)
 ! Fixed bug in showLetterImage that caused the function to often fail. (Subs-Graphics.php)
 ! Changed Xoops login integration hook to use Xoops native authorization objects. (Xoops bridge/index.php)
 ! Some search parameters weren't being sanatized when accessing a previous search, leading to a potential XSS vulnerability. (PersonalMessage.php, Search.php)
 ! Minor typo in PlushSearch2 prevented "user" search parameter from being remembered when trying to access a previous search. (Search.php)
 ! Encrypted login failed for some character sets when the username or password contained non-western characters. (sha1.js, script.js, Load.php, index template)

September 2006
 + Added option for showing visual verification on Personal Message page. (PersonalMessage.php, PersonalMessage template, upgrade_1-1.sql, install_1-1.sql, ModSettings.php)
 + Added option to limit number of personal messages to be sent in one go. (PersonalMessage.php, upgrade_1-1.sql, install_1-1.sql, ModSettings.php)
 & Added language entries for above changes. (Help, ModSettings, PersonalMessage language files)
 ! Updated versions numbers to 1.1 (Final). (Several Files)
 ! The hotmail fix didn't work properly. (Subs-Post.php)
 ! The URL for deleting the install and upgrade files was using an invalid request variable. (upgrade.php, install.php)
 ! When checking how many personal messages a user has sent the last hour - count the recipients not the messages. (PersonalMessage.php)
 ! If the user has some special characters in their password, check to see if they still have an old hash when logging in. (LogInOut.php)
 ! Bridged attached images wouldn't open in a new window. (Mambo/Joomla bridge/smf.php)
 ! Some types of outgoing emails were not rewritten properly. (Mambo/Joomla bridge/smf.php)
 ! Javascript doesn't like HTML entities. (Mambo/Joomla bridge/smf.php)
 ! Fixed a problem when there are no message icons. (Post.php)
 + Add login bot to Mambo 4.6 bridge (Mambo 4.6 bridge/SMF_login.php, SMF_login.xml)
 ! Fixed a problem with the cur_cat parameter when adding a new board. (ManageBoards.php)
 ! The PM visual verification was not respecting the settings. (PersonalMessage.php)
 + Add logout functionality to Mambo 4.6 login bot. (Mambo 4.6 bridge/SMF_login.php)
 ! Prevent users without access to any boards from causing a query error when using the unread posts search. (Recent.php)
 * In the default theme, don't show the mark all as read button if the user can not see any boards.  (BoardIndex template)
 ! Previewing a PM should no longer cause an undefined variable error.  (PersonalMessage.php)
 & Fixed typos in some admin language files  (Admin language files)
 ! Allow the use of uppercase letters when specifying the color for the glow and shadow tags. (Subs.php)
 ! Make the php version of SSI examples use the forum character set. (ssi_examples.php)
 ! If the user deletes the recycling board, turn off the setting to prevent problems. (Subs-Boards.php)
 ! Automatically include the know IPs when tracking a user and looking for other members with the same IP. (Profile.php)
 * The IPs used in error messages was checking the wrong context value. (Profile template)
 ! Make sure that there are no HTML entities in bridged unwrapped javascript. (Mambo/Joomla bridge/smf.php)
 ! Add some missing languages to the synch array. (Mambo/Joomla bridge/smf_integration_arrays.php)
 ! Try every possibility for language synching to avoid template errors. (Mambo/Joomla bridge/smf.php)
 ! Missing globals in bridge resend password. (Mambo/Joomla bridge/smf_registration.php)
 ! Try to change some of the settings in case users don't do it themselves. (Mambo/Joomla bridge/smf.php)
 ! Get rid of the extra slash When going from the Xoops admin panel to the SMF admin panel. (Xoops bridge/admin/index.php)
 ! Recurse changes from Mambo/Joomla bridge to Mambo 4.6 bridge, and remove Joomla-specific code (several files)
 ! When adding a new message icon, make sure to escape the titles of the current icons. (ManageSmileys.php)
 ! Don't log password strength errors into the forum error log. (Subs-Members.php)
 ! The php tag wasn't acting like a proper block level tag. (Subs.php)
 ! Make sure bridge registration is compatible with Mambo 4.6. (Mambo 4.6 bridge/smf_registration.php)
 ! Bridge registration component doesn't need an installation script for Mambo 4.6. (Mambo 4.6 bridge/install.smf_registration.php)
 ! Search results could in some cases get a relevance above 100%. (Search.php)
 ! Check for additional problematic values in the starting value for the memberlist. (Memberlist.php)
 ! When synching users from Mambo/Joomla to SMF, check to see if the admin wants usernames or real names as display in SMF. (Mambo/Joomla bridge/admin.smf.php)
 ! SEF URLs work differently in Mambo 4.6 (Mambo 4.6 bridge/smf.php)
 ! When posting a new calendar event automatically select the default board. (Calendar.php)
 * When posting a new calendar event carry over the board selection to the post page. (Calendar template)
 ! Correctly close url tags that are changed to iurl. (Subs-Post.php)
 ! Change all URLs in RSS feeds to bridged URLs. (Mambo/Joomla bridge/smf.php)
 ! Not all special characters were converted correctly in bridged outgoing emails (Mambo/Joomla bridge/smf.php)
 ! Upgrade was sometimes losing changes to the Settings.php file. (upgrade.php)
 ! Ensure adding a member to a group is case insensitive. (ManageMembergroups.php)
 ! Ensure the log_online timestamp is backed up correctly. (DumpDatabase.php)
 ! Added a page title to the page that requests ftp details. (Subs-Package.php)
 ! Search wasn't always including the subject matches properly. (Search.php)
 ! Don't include administrators in the permission reports, they get to do everything anyways. (Reports.php)
 ! Show local moderators as being able to access all boards since in reality a moderator can always access their board. (Reports.php)
 ! If a guest tries to post with a reserved name, handle it as a post error instead of causing a fatal error. (Post.php, Subs-Members.php)
 ! Some configurable number format options were not showing the decimal separator. (Load.php)
 ! The 'most popular boards by activity' statistics were not always showing the proper boards. (Profile.php)
 ! Check the session when downloading a package. (PackageGet.php)
 ! Show the search section in the linktree in the personal message area. (PersonalMessage.php)
 ! Make the package options title like the other package page titles. (Packages.php)
 ! Check to make sure the limit is a positive value when showing a feed. (News.php)

August 2006
 * Change the random code before getting a new visual verification image. (Register template)
 ! Keep Joomla from eating Personal Message anchors. (PersonalMessage.php, PersonalMessage.template.php)
 ! Some bridged emails have \n\r replaced with underscores. (Mambo/Joomla bridge/smf.php)
 ! Let Joomla clean its own variables. (Mambo/Joomla bridge/SMF_header_inlcude.php)
 * Fixed a javascript error occuring on posting in the saveEntities() function. (Post template)
 ! Tweaked the CAPTCHA image to be a little less obstructed by the dots. (Subs-Graphics.php)
 ! Don't allow people to keep guessing at the same image. (Register.php)
 ! Updated iGamingCMS bridge for latest version of iGaming. (several files)
 ! Get the Mambo mainframe instance before trying to assign values to it. (Mambo 4.6 bridge/smf.php, SMF_header_include.php)
 + Added installation instructions for iGaming bridge. (iGamingCMS bridge/readme.txt)
 & Added Hungarian language files for Mambo and Joomla bridges. (several files)
 ! Uninstalling XML-packages in which the original text string contained a dollar sign wasn't working properly. (Subs-Packages.php)
 ! Fixed boardurl without a hostname showing a notice on session check. (Security.php)
 ! Redirect to the admin panel home page if user cancels configuration (Mambo/Joomla bridge/admin.smf.php)
 ! Restructure Mambo 4.6 bridge for new Universal multi-plugin installation (several files)
 ! Using symbols such as an apostrophe in the password should now hash it correctly allowing login from the front page. (Profile.php, LogInOut.php)
 * Submitting a quick moderation form could result in a Javascript error. (MessageIndex template)
 ! Multiple consecutive /me statements didn't get parsed properly. (Subs-Post.php)
 ! Prevent strict notices appearing in PHP 5.1 caused by not setting a default timezone. (Load.php, install.php, upgrade_1-1.sql)
 * The auto detect time offset function was returning the wrong sign.  (Profile template)
 ! No longer block requests with cookies containing numeric keys. (QueryString.php)
 ! Changed the column type to allow for a larger buddy list. (upgrade_1-1.sql, install_1-1.sql)
 ! Fixed the line break being used in non-windows systems in mails sent by sendmail. (Load.php, Subs-Post.php)
Nee dat niet, tenzij een zeker iemand een foutje maakt.
Bij mij doen de smilies het nu even niet... :) ;) :D ;D :o 8)

Edit; ja, ze doen het weer heeft dit oude wijf ontdekt ^-^
bij mij wel ;) :D

Leuk ook die gamestats in je profiel links bij elke post.

Hé, ik mis wel de snel-editknop aan de rechterkant van elk bericht.
edit: Hmmm, nu staat ie er weer wel ....
Jullie zijn net een stel oude wijven!
Ik was nog bezig dames.. 8)

Volgens mij issie nu weer helemaal goed. Nieuwste versie van Arcade.
Game on!

ps: Die arcade stats gaan weg hoor.