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I have a Samsung LT27A950EX/EN monitor / DVB-C TV for 2 years and during that time it has successfully been working with my Smit CI+ and smartcard. During that time is the TV was not watched for a while then when you selected TV it would again go through the authentication sequence and then start working. About 3 weeks ago all channels except NED1 and a few Ziggo Info channels have become scrambled and if I reinsert the card I get "Authentication Start" but it goes no further. I have 2 other Samsung Smart TVs with Smit and smartcard and can confirm that the Smit + smartcard work in both of these and that the Smit + Smartcard from those TVs behave the same in the monitor. Signal strength is 100% with BER 0.

I have tried the following: -
1) Factory reset of LT27A950EX/EN without CI+ and then insert CI+
2) All Smit CI+ modules have had their firmware upgraded where required.

Can anybody suggest anything else I could try to get the monitor to authorise the Smit?
Does anybody know is something has changed at Ziggo to cause this problem?

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Check and exclude.
Starting with the card reader.
If the chip fails to make contact inside the card reader, you may try and clean it by moisterising the chip a little.
Then slide the card slowly into the card reader. See what happens.
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