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Receiver hangs in a few seconds after it starts

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After resetting settings my Homecast Colorado (HD) hangs in a few seconds after it's started. It stops responding to remote control, to the button on the front panel (including Power button). The ON/OFF switch at the back still works, but after restart receiver stops responding again. Can anyone advice?

Thank you,
Mine did that too, once in a while. I took it completely off power, waited one minute, and plugged it in again. That works for my device. You can try.
Dear Peter, It was off the power for entire day. And it still hands ;-((
Seems I have no choice but contact Ziggo customer support ;-(
I think that will be the best option You got this receiver from Ziggo with your abo? Then they must repair or replace the receiver. How old is it?
Yes, I received it from Ziggo with my abo. It's about 2.5 years old though
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