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problems displaying some pages with chello. HELP!!!

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I have problems opening pages like mail.yahoo.com; www.logitech.com; www.quicktime.com; www.cnet.com, etc. with Chello (it doesn't display anything at all or just text, without any pictures). Anyone knows what the problem might be? ???Helpdesk at Chello has no idea :-(( All the other pages work fine.

I have Win XP Home SP1, IE 6.0. All the plugins (macromedia, java, quicktime) are installed. Maybe some other plugin needed? (athough when I use dial-up connection (free Zonnet) from the same machine - everything works fine.

Thanks for any help!
Could you post a screenshot here?
Printscreen > paste in paint > save as GIF > upload to https://www.picserver.tk
You could check your security settings in IE, your firewall, incl. the firewall in your router if you are using one. Especially check voor ad / banner blocking and cookie excepting. Some pages don't work right if the last two items are blocked.

Good luck.
Couldn't upload images to https://www.picserver.tk - not functioning. Basically, it's either that the screen is completely blank, and then after about 2-3 minutes it gives a message: "The page cannot be displayed" (for logitech and sometimes the same for mail.yahoo.com) or it shows the page after several minutes, but all the banners and images are missing (small red X instead of images and instead of banenrs sign "Action cancelled. IE was unable to link to the web page you selected") and the text formatting is corrupted.

Tried to change the computer (initially was laptop P4 2.4 GHz, XP Pro, 256) to a different one (now PC with P3 730 MHz, XP Home, 128 MHz RAM) and reinstalled Windows completely - same problem!

And the security\cookies settings could not be the problem - when I use exactly the same computer with the same settings, but connect to I-net through dial-up connection - everything is working and all these pages are opening correctly. Therefore, the problem muct be on Chello's side (I don't use router or firewall), but they don't know what to do with it. Any ideas?
Do you have some sort of banner kill / anti virus / firewall software installed?
Hi, All! I have the same problems with EBay pages. When I just brows - it's OK. As soon as I logon as member - almost all pages are corrupted. As I see it's kind of cookie mishandling. here is sample https://public.fotki.com/nickviz/chello_problems/
Hello, All!

Could anybody help me? The problem is still exist - I can't use eBay :-( Anytime I logon to the eBay I received a trashed response, making practically impossible to bid or to sell something... All other sites work OK, the speed is good, no problem except this.

Shall I ask UPS support or this is well known problem?
My sw is W2kEng/SP4 IE 6.0SP1 with all latest patches.
Kerio Personal Firewall 2.1.4 (I even switched it off - didn't help), NAV2003.

Thanks in advance.
Did you try to remove all cookies and flush the internet explorer cache?
(Extra > Internet options)
Hi, Rene!

Yes, I did. I flushed all temp files, moved ie temp folder to another location, delete cookies, etc.
If I look at the source of the damaged page I see:
9MCZuaXRlbT0wJnJvd3M9MjUmcGFnZWJpZD0xJnBhZ2V3b249MSZwYWdlbG9zdD0xJlNhdmVTZXR0aW5nPW9mZiZzc1BhZ2VOYW1lPU1lcmNoTWF4f; path=/; domain=.benl.ebay.be
Age: 1
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Via: HTTP/1.1 bruink (Traffic-Server/5.2.1-58896 [c sSf ])

so here is normal page is started. It looks like the cookie improperly recognized (or damaged) by Chello??
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