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Please Help..

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Hi people,

First of all I am sorry for posting in English, But i am still learning in the School, now the prob:

Internet-->cable modem (TJ720 Teryon)-->Router (Linksys BEFW11S4--->PC

That's my configuration.
Problem is that every morning (Strange) I have to reliese and renew TCP/IP from the Routers Web-Interface to get connection to internet, When I check Status page Router has valid IP adress and all other settings looks o.k. but still no connection, as soon as I reliease and renew TCP/IP, everithings works just fine till next morning. (Wireless clients are also unable to connect to internet, but in the same time all Pc's are accesible and visible to each other, only Internet connection is unavalable)

I tryed almost everithing: I've changed Router(replaced with one brand new), changed Nic in PC, cables, and also changed Cable Modem, but problem is still there..

I suspected that, chello is scanning thir network and if they see router, maybe they are sending some kind of "Ping of Death" to dissable remotely my Router.. maybe it sounds crazy, but forgive me I am really getting mad:((

maybe someone knows how to solve this weard problem? ???
i think the problem is at chello.

Try connect the broadband modem directly to the computer. If the problem still exists it is the connection to the provider. I got to this conclusion because you said that the broadband modem is changed already.
Hi all,

Update to my problem...

problem is solved

problem was coused by light bulb in a bathroom , bathroom on second floor and first floor living room were on same line (electricaly) and I always leave light in a bathroom for a night, because of kids.. light from the bathroom helps kids to see stairs to the first floor, so in the morning first thing I do is that I switch off the light, and that time some kind of the electrical discharge goes to the whole eklectrik circle and dissables cable modem ,

I know it sound crazy , but that's way it is..

now i put cheapest Back_Ups 600 on the cable modem and router and problem is gone for good..

thanks all of you

Hey Abibo, dude you'd a bathroomlight-terror situation ;D

The problem you hadf make me laugh. Very funny issue.
A bathroom that jams the electrical group. Perhaps you could plugin the compuhardware in another electrical group then the bathroom has (could be cheaper then a ups system, nevertheless a UPS system will better work then a UPC system, lol, just teasing UPC :} )

Anyway glad you've worked your problem out , i never hear of such a thing, hardware dowen by bathroomlight, grinning.

greetz , a vague-dude from Amsterdam.
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