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Nieuwe Software humax 5100

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Cable Expert
  1. Ziggo
Digitale TV
  1. Ziggo
Release notes sw versie[FONT=맑은 고딕, monospace] 1.01.11[/FONT]

  • Fixed black screen or audio output problem when user continuously performs Trick Play on VOD application
  • Fixed the issue which is the screen change problem from black screen to play AV when start recording on live or which is the escape problem from VOD application to Live when start recording on live
  • VOD application connection stability improved.
  • The STB is connected to VOD application directly when user select Settings->TV Portal.
  • Fixed some UI problem with VOD application when user connect to VOD application by TV_PORTAL key.(pincode/Watch TV/Data storage/Media/etc)
  • Fixed black screen display problem when VOD application disconnect by error handling.
  • Fixed VOD application reconnect problem when the RED or TV Portal key push repeatedly.
  • Fixed (Black picture in I-TV and so also in linear TV)
  • Fixed (2030 error message or black screen during heavy use of trick play)
  • Fixed VOD application specific
  • Fixed (EMM wake up time extended to once a week 20 minutes)
  • Fixed (serving area updated mechanism)
  • Fixed (Humax W-LAN stick doesn't work properly viewing live VOD content)
  • Fixed (Changing text "Ziggo tv-portal is beëindigd" when ending or exiting the TV-portal)
  • Fixed (2.1.9 NIT_0009 HD Simulcast Descriptor)
  • Fixed (storing vod channels in mem database limitation)
  • Fixed (programmed timers are going wrong after power off/on)
  • Fixed (TVportal button same behavior as red button)
  • Fixed (Feature to format USB STICK)
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