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Network cable unplugged

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I set up Chello Plus for me and my mates a couple of days ago (in Amsterdam). Everything worked fine for a while, but now for some reason I start getting 'network cable unplugged' messages even though the cable is clearly in place. Apparently the connection goes bad or something, and I get disconnected. In a few seconds I'm back online.

It is really irritating, because it makes it impossible to for example to try video or audio chats over IM, as I never seem to stay online long enough for those.

Any idea what might be causing this? It seems I'm the only one really suffering from the problem, eventhough one of my mates says he also gets disconnected, but rarely.

We have 3-4 computers behind a router.
it could be three things:
- your router is broken
- your network cable is bad
- your networkcard is broken
Be sure you configured your network the right way. What kinda router is it? You familliar with portmapping/NAT? Audio and Video conversations over internet will not work without portmappings if using Netmeeting. If you put the router away and connect 1 comp to the modem... is it OK then??
What kind of cable do you use? Isit normal or crossed cable?

Try to change your nic settings. It will probably be @ auto-negotation. Try 100mbit full-duplex or 10mbit full duplex.
I encounter the same problem.
My router is an E-tech.
the cables are okay. The cables are checked seperately and switched between the different pc's.
If ONE pc is connected (thru the router), all is okay.
The cables are UTP cables. Not crossed.
Problems start when the 2nd logs on.
If the pc's are connected straight to the internet, no probs.
If one of the pc's logs off. The internet connection is lost, and only by resetting the router, the connection is established again.
Can somebody help please?
I had the same problem that the dhcp server resets all the time. And the error: network cable unplugged. I bought a new smc br 2804 router and the problem is solved :)
so change router :P
update to my messsage of november 30, 2003.
Wrote E-tech. Seems that the adapter did not supply enough power, so each time, 2nd pc logged in, the "network cable unplugged" problems occurred.
Hope this may be of help to other people.
Nice that your problem is solved and thanks for sharing the solution.

Another guy posted (in the Dutch part) the same problem and answer. It seems that E-tech has sold a load of routers with faulty powersupplies.
To Johnny 54:
If you know where that message is, in the Dutch part of the forum. Please lead me to it.
Spent quite a while there to find it, to no avail.
Just curious.
ik kan niet knutselen :( best balen, maar daartegenover staat, dat ik een hele goede knutselaar heb binnen handbereik ;D
@ Shaneeca
My mistake.
I have red on a board (no idea where) about problems with E-tech and powersupply and in the Dutch part here about a USrobotics with a powersuppy problem. I mixed things up.

Knutselen kun je leren. Veel (af)kijken en dan gewoon proberen.
Een goede knutselaar bij de hand is altijd wel makkelijk.
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