need help with router and upc/chello

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hello all...

I have problems with installing the router to get into the internet with upc/chello!
I have the router BILLION BIPAC 640se!
I did put the MACaddy of the networkcard into the router and also chose OPTAIN IP AUTOMATIALLY ( in router but also on the computers, which is connected to the router)
when I try to get into the internet, I couldnt, because everytime, the internet redirects me to the chello site, where I have to register etc etc...
can anyone please tell me how to set up a router for using upc/chello ? someone, I got the feeling, that chello knows, that it is connected to the router...that is why they redirect the connection..

hope someone can help me out..

thx in advance



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Try this.
Switch everything off and back on, in this way.
1-> Cablemodem on, wait till it's completly on line ( 30-60 sec.)
2-> Switch on router, wait till it's completly on line ( 30-60sec.)
3-> Switch on computer


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Hello MaZaKa98, First don't really worry thad Chello is monitoring your conection wheter you''re connected with a router or not, only when you call the Help Desk for support, you have to disconect the Router and restore the original conection, because they may refuse to support you. Now the problem. I don't know the type of router you have, but somewhere you can see the obtained IP adres which lead you to the provisioning page of chello. this IP adres useually begins with 10.xxxxxxx . Don't give the NIC's of all your PC's the same MAC address. because it may confuse the router. When you start to set-up your Router connection, don't connect anny other PC but your original PC with was connected sucsesfully at the Chello network. What happens is thad your Router is conecting you to the internet correctly otherwise you will not be online to the provisioning page. The problem is most likely your MAC address. From your öriginally connected PC you have to clone the MAC address. After thad you reboot your PC to obtain your routers IP / DHCP automatically. Now I hope you're connected as useuall to the internet. Check the MAC adres of your original PC and thad which have been stored into your router. Check it for win.XP start > comm.prompt. . type: cmd > next screen you type ipconfig /all > you can read your MAC / fysiek address (12 alpha-diggits) and your IP of the router.. When you still have a 10 xxx-- when there is still a 10.xxxxxxetc. in your router you have to renew and release all. In your router there must be a fascility (internet conection) to release and renew all.
shut down your PC and reboot. You shut have a vallid IP adres. After you're coneccted sucsesfully you can conect the other PC's to the router and they will get an IP adres from the router and they wil be online.. Let me know, Bye bye, all the best. Eddy.

BTW when you have another OS than win.xp you go to comm.promt and type: winipcfg. > and check your IP and MAC address there. click on renew all and relaese all. The drop down screen above has to show your NIC and NOT PPP. Bye bye again.


hello eddy...

thx a lot for ur advise...i think that might work what u just told me :) the problem now is , that I am not in holland at the moment....just got back to germany today :)
I will try it again as soon as possible....
btw..I did put the MAC addy from the original pc into the router..the mac addy, where internetconnection was possible!
hm....I will email u later the settings of the router okie..there u can see everything how I set it up...
I guess I will email u then...later this evening....
I am so tired right now...

have a nice day and thx again eddy!



hello eddy...

I am now back to NL and try to do the router.
you were right, concerning the provisioning page of chello, which starts with 10.XXX.XXX.XXX.
I did what u said, but somehow, i still got the provisioning page :(
wat nu?!
I tell u, how i did it again okie:

1st: I shut down the modem, so we dont have any internet connection at all

2nd: I connected the computer with the registered networkcard at chello with the router...then I get into the settings of the router by typing into internet explorer.
in the settings, i changed the routers MAC addy into the MAC of the registered networkcard...and i did optain IP the computer but also in the router.

3rd: then i shut down the computer and the router.

4th: I connected the router with the modem.....then i turned the modem on first....then the router...and at the end...the computer (with the registered network card)

and when i try to surf...I still got the the chello proviosioning page :(

then I looked into the routersettings again...and saw, that I was CONNECTED...but i also could see the 10.XXX.XXX.XXX as u mentioned I dont know what to do anymore.
actually I wanted to email u and send u a screenshot of the routersettings, what is availabe to set....but I noticed ur emailaddy is not shown or given here :(

now I hope, that u will read this post of mine....or anyone else, who can help me...




This is how i did it.
Install the router + cables.
Use the Registered Chello networkCard (the network card u received from chello)
Then go to your router settings and enter the Mac Adress , I can press a button named Clone mac adress,

if u dont got that go to start , run , cmd and type ipconfig /all

Now u will get something like This

Verbindingsspec. DNS-achtervoegsel:
Beschrijving . . . . . . . . . . .:
Realtek RTL8139/810X Family PCI Fast Ethernet N
Fysiek adres. . . . . . . . . . . : 00-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx <---------- = mac adress
DHCP ingeshakeld. . . . . . . . . : ja
Autom. configuratie ingeschakeld. : ja
IP-adres. . . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnetmasker. . . . . . . . . . . :

Write Down ur mac adress and go to the Router settings again.
ENter ur mac adress and press apply.
Now when ur done shut down ur computer and remove the networkcard that came from chello.
and plug the network cable in ur onboard network card u gut that somewhere in the upper of ur case.
start ur comp and it will work ( It Did For me )
Good luck .


You don't need to clone the MAC address actually...
Just call Chello support, say you installed a new network card and tell them the MAC of your router (but don't say it's a router) :)


Could anyone please give me the following:Chello's IP address.Gateway and Sub(netmask)er as well as Primary and Secondary DNS addresses.I'm in the Netherlands,My regio is Flevoland.I'm trying to set up my PS2 online.Thanks


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Silver, you should use DHCP to obtain the IP configuration automatically..
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