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Modem ?!

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hi I have a Question Which
Modem is the best Modem of Chello ??
Motorolla ?
I would suggest the lancity if the uncapping works.
I doesn't work on my motorola. It would be nice to be able to upload large binaries to newsgroups etc.
Doesn't matter what you want to choose, Chello decides what type of modem you'll get...

All modems work fine enough and unCAPPING doesn't work anymore on all types and brands.. :-\ :'(
[me=Lau]has a com21... (yup, an old fat 1)[/me]
it works, and that's all you can say of it :)
Those COM21's suck, they're really sensitive to linenoise
Chello uses only motorola modems at this time. The terayon, Lancity en com21 have been used in the past. If you now take a chello connection you always get installed with a motorola modem.. I think that the motorola modem is the most stable modem, but that is my opnion.. :)
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