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MAC address in Router?

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Dear all,

I found some information but only in Dutch for this problem.

We have a 'single subscription' to chello and now we have 2nd notebook to get online. Is it ok to buy just a router and we can both share this cable line? Or we need to change modem too?
Buy and configure the router and enjoy internet access on several pc's at the same time.
There's no need to change anything to the cablemodem. Besides, it's impossible for customers to make changes.
I bought a router in Media Mart and it works very well! Thank you very much for your kind reply!
Make sure that you disconnet the router when you call for support, officially it is not allowed to use a router, only if you have Chello+ UPC allows the use of a router.

I don't care if you have/use one, I just let you know that officialy it is not allowed.
For me.. was not a prob...

just did the clone of my mac add and it works perfect.. I do have an router.. wireless .. and it works 100 %

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