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IPv6 - when will it be offered?

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The Ziggo website was been stating that IPv6 will be offered in 2012. Since there are only 2 weeks remaining, I was wondering when it was really going to be offered? I suppose I'm also hoping for a more specific answer than 2013. Does anybody have any new information to share on the topic?
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By lack of any communication on this issue from Ziggo recently your guess is as good as the guess of anyone on this forum.

I think the only thing to be sure of is that is will not be 2012. Wether and when in 2013 is completely unknown.

Alas communication on issues like this is not one of Ziggo's strengths, likewise delivering on time on earlier communications.
That doesn't mean he can't use google translate and suffer through our translated dutchiengels ;) .

I would say never , Ziggo would be the only network in this galaxy to stick to IPv4 just to piss off enough people on this forum :) .
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