Initial cabling setup.

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First off, please accept my apologies for having to type in English. Although I do speak a small amount of Dutch it is in no way good enough for online use. So I am sorry :(

My issue is thus.
My partner and myself have recently moved home and have had our basic Internet connection (not All in 1 as we only need the basic none digibox TV service.) moved to our new home.
My issue is that we seem to be missing certain connectors.

Our main (green coaxial) cable is terminated (by me) with a Traject two port coax point, one side for TV and one side for Radio. Of course now we have TV but no way to connect the screw in cable internet cable.
From what I have managed to find online we need a UMU as seen here:

This though includes the termination from the main coax that we really do not need.
If I only need to add a screw type connection for my cable modem, is there any other points/kits I can use?
Normally this isn't an issue but it seems that the connection systems in use here in NL are a little different from the ones I used to use in the UK and as such am struggling to make sure that I buy the right kit to get my internet up and running.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
Ther are some flaws in your setup and in your thoughts.

Digital tv is always available. It is not a special part of all-in-one.
But off course it is your choice not to use it.

Please do not terminate the green cable with a 2 port coax point.
You HAVE to terminate it with a Hirschmann TRAS1000 (or equivalent) because of galvanic seperation.
(this is also mentioned in the link you provided)

Using a TRAS1000 you can place the UMU-01 and use the screw connection for the modem.
Ah right, thanks for the reply. Just had a look at the setup and we seem to have a TRAS2000 on there at the moment, which is why I said two port. My bad. Looks liken the item in the link posted is going to be the best bet then.

Thank you again!
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