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Info Over De Pace DC 621 STC

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As recently announced, UPC Broadband, a division of UGC, expects to begin a large-scale digital rollout project in the Netherlands in the fourth quarter of 2005. As a result of this initiative, UPC Broadband expects to deploy over 2 million digital set-top boxes with related middleware, security and conditional access systems to accelerate the growth of digital television in the Dutch market.

Sudhir Ispahani, Chief Technology Officer for UGC Europe said: "UPC Broadband is now actively rolling out its digital services platform in The Netherlands and launching new suites of digital and IP based services that will focus on dynamic new services such as Video on Demand, interactive TV and new broadband communications services like unified messaging.

We have chosen certain vendors as strategic suppliers of digital set top box hardware and software. We plan to leverage their broad multi-media technical innovation and global deployment experience to meet our technical expectations, user requirements and cost effective solutions."

John Dyson, Chief Executive at Pace Micro Technology (Nachrichten), commented. "This is the start of a very exciting relationship. We hope to bring our wealth of expertise across the various platforms and emerging technologies to the fore and bring value to UGC and its customers. We are thrilled to be part of this leading operator's digital strategy.

"UGC has chosen our DC621 set-top box for the initial roll-out. With its built in Euro-DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem this is the perfect solution for the digital home, where demand is growing for the right mix of quality television and high-speed internet access, together with interactive services, such as video on demand (VOD)."

This business win underpins existing expectations for Pace's 2005/06 financial year.

Technical information

The DC621 design includes dual processors, 240 MHz main CPU, 32 bit cable modem processor, and dual tuner architecture. It can also be used to deliver video over DOCSIS. To ensure easy integration into home theatre and audio systems, connectivity options include analogue audio out, electrical SPDIF out and cable loopthrough.

With the DC621, UGC will benefit from key updates to the DOCSIS/Euro-DOCSIS specification, including improved bandwidth utilisation and better use of network capacity.

In addition, the DC621 can be configured to incorporate a wide variety of software solutions including multiple conditional access and middleware applications. The DC621 has also been designed to minimise long-term 'cost of ownership' through improved diagnostics for remote set-top box troubleshooting, thus reducing the need for expensive home visits.

John Dyson added: "We have worked closely with UGC to ensure that not only the functions, but also the aesthetic design of this interactive TV set-top box matches what UGC customers are looking for. The end result is a set-top box that is attractive for both retail and direct marketing to customers."

hm, cool, dual tuner architecture, zou dat betekenen dat er 2 tv's op 2 verschillende zenders aan vast geknoopt kunnen worden?
En hoe zap ik dan op zolder?

de 621 staat niet op hun site maar de DC620 heeft ook dual tuner architecture:


hm, internet browsing, multiple remote controls: :-*

Heeft upc al iets concreets naar buiten gebracht over wat ze nu precies gaan aanbieden?
Want de Sagems hadden ook van alles maar daar werd niks mee gedaan, je kan wel leuke hardware hebben maar zonder software zuigt het alsnog.
das wel allemaal mooi enzo, maa rnou hoop ik wel dat upc neit net als versatel straks de bandbreedte die nodig is voor de televisie gaat meerekenen in je internet bandbreedte. nou kand at eignlijk bijna ook neit behalve bije xtreme omdat de ret van de abos bijna niet genoeg bandbreedte hebben voor digitale televisie. want anders zou je niets over houden voor je internet.

wel relaxed eerlijk gezegd. nou hopen dat ze ook een beetje relaxed service bieden etc etc.

wel beetje dom dat er geen svideo uitgang op zit. bedoel als ik echt mn geluid via de hometheatre wil hoef ik toch echt geen geluid op mn tcv te krijgen. hopen dat ze die optie op de 621 wel hebben

edit: hoop echt dat die 621 ewr wat beter uitziet want die 620 is echt lelijk man
de software op die pace zal dus opentv zijn.

in de achterkant van de 620 zit geen gaatje voor een telephoon (van voren wel een spleetje)
betekend dit allemaal nu dat ik te vroeg mijn digitale TV heb aangeschaft ?

Aanstaande vrijdag wordt het geleverd.
ik gok dat high definition tv via upc zal nog wel een paar jaar zal duren ::)
eindelijk online:



Mains Input (IEC60320) – C8 male figure-of-8 connector.
Ethernet (RJ45 Female) - Access to broadband return path or network.
TV SCART (IEC60807-9) – Primary TV connection for RGB, composite video and L/R Audio. Audio volume level can be adjusted under software control.
VCR SCART (IEC60807-9) – Composite video and L/R audio output connector for a VCR. Loop-through facility to the TV SCART connector when in standby.
Analogue Audio (RCA Phono/Cinch) – For users wishing to integrate the set-top box into their home audio system.
Electrical SPDIF Output (RCA Phono/Cinch) – Coaxial cable connection to a surround sound audio system or Hi-Fi amplifier.
Cable Loopthrough Output* – Provides cable feed-through to other equipment.
RF Input (IEC169-24 F-type, female) – IF input to connect to cable TV network and cable modem return path.
Telephone sockets* – Two RJ-11 sockets for voice over IP.

bron: www.pacemicro.com