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Frequent random disconnects

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Hi - looking for help here - have problem with
Ubee Wi-Fi modem

from about week now i get random disconnects, both wired and wireless.
3-10 second failures from all sources at random times. Sometimes it's only 10 times a day...sometime it's 5 times/hour.it is Ziggo or modem problem??
can anyone help?
First thing that's important is to identify if the Ubee is causing problems, or downstream in the Ziggo network.
The best way to investigate this is to do the following:
  • Use a wired connection
  • Identify you're default gateway (take your IP address, replace the digits after the last . with 1
  • Open a DOS/Command prompt (if you're on Mac/Linux you'll know this stuff)
  • Execute: ping (if this is your default gateway)
Keep this running until you run into the disconnect.
If you see time-outs or extremely high values as responses, the Ubee is causing the issue. If all remains OK in the ping, then the issue is likely in Ziggo's network.

Good luck
ok will check and let you know - thanks
ping is ok no lost packets or delays - so looks like this is on Ziggo site need to call them - thanks for your help
You can do a "tracert nu.nl" (on Windows at least, otherwise it is traceroute).
Then do the same ping test for a few hops down the line. It will tell you if the disconnects happen directly after it leaves your home or perhaps further in the network.
i put ping plotter softvare on thats ping my router every 10 sec and looks like there is problem with router/modem - few times ping did not came trough - and after that after about minute later was over 200 ms - maybe its have something to do with dhcp Lease Time ??
do you think i should try to switch to static ip and check again?
First try rebooting your Ubee (in case you haven't). Make sure you're connected via a cable as wireless is known to give some packetloss/delays...

I doubt it's DHCP related as you either have an IP or you don't. You'll get a DHCP lease for day(s), not minutes.
i try rebooting didn't help - im on desktop so im using cable - DHCP lease time
is set by default on 3600 - same problem accrue now and then short few second disconnects
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