Firewall problems

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Hey anyone else having FIREWALL probs with chello?

im running it on a win2000 p3 dell notebook... tried ZONEALARM and BLACKICE...

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No problems. I've used BlackICE, ZoneAlarm (Pro), Norton Personal Firewall...
I'm using Norton Personal Firewall 2003 now.
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sorry duh i guess i shouldve described the problem:

modem seems to flash allright, but i cant connect with explorer sometimes, in the middle of a session it just f^*&s up, so i go into command, release and renew ipconfig, which works, but sometimes its says something about a dhcp adapter not working or something... so i reboot and try again until it works...

i talked to tech support, they said it was the firewall, so i completely uninstalled and for two days now no problems, but im not leaving my pc unguarded!!!

is it a software or OS prob?
thanks guys!
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What kind of a modem do you have? (Lancity/Com21/Terayon/Motorola Surfboard or something else?)

-edit- forget this!
Re:Firewall probs

sylvester zei:
Try to install the WinXP Service Pack 1

I guess that won't help, because he is running windows 2000.

The problem lays with your firewall-software.
It sounds like the firewall is blocking the dhcp-requests from the chello-server.
Zonealarm supports allowing these requests, but i'm not sure about Blackice.
Just make sure you don't block a request on port 68 (dhcp-client)
That will allow the dhcp-server to assign you an IP-adress.

Hope this helps you out.
ZoneAlarm should work with W2000, I have it working under W98SE, W2000 and now under XP. Is the configuration of ZoneAlarm ok? Be sure to add. your networkcard, and if the notebook is part of a LAN, add. the right IP adresses
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