E-tech router and MAC address

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Can anyone help me?
I have an e-tech router RTBR03, w2k and chello. I can get the set-up as far as the reaching the router admin panel. I set the fields as in the hand book adding a MAC address, but I can't get further. Please help me.
so you do see a html page on your browser of the router , but you can't change the settings?

Possibly a browser issue , is activeX on , or java enabled?
This because the settings activation runs by activeX @ Internet Explorer.

The good thing of da E-Tech router is : It has 5 years of warranty.

did you type at the adres bar? Did you use direct linked cables?(no crossed linked)

good luck.
first install your chello without the router. Then when chello is working go to (log in with admin:admin) what should be your router.

The next thing to do is fill in your mac of your nic in your router so the router uses the mac id of your nic.

Reset/start everything and it should work.
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