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do i really have dl/ul limit?



it's said i can only download+upload 1G per day, is that true?
another question is that can i make my pc a FTP server? if u guys have any experience, what's the MAX download speed from your pc?
It's limited to 16kb/s up, and that about the 1gb per day, in the Netherlands there's no limit to how much you can download, it's just when you download SO much the people in your neighborhood experience that the internet's slower when you're online, you will have a download limit of 5gb over the next month.
I think chello has different rules in different countries.. so I have no idea.
thnx u guys
i am in Netherlands, now i have to reduce my download

can any one help me about the FTP problem? i mentioned before.thnx in advance
If you live in the Netherlands, then why don't you speak dutch in the other part of this forum?
i am now following an english course here.
i am not dutch.
that's way.

that's way.