DNS problems?

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Sorry for english posting, but my dutch is poor (living for short period in Holland!)

I have problems with my chello.nl cable internet.
For 6-8 weeks the connection sometimes slows way down or drops out at random. Frequently i can not open more that 1 web page at a time. In the past, i could open several (10-15) web pages (in tabs) and they all will load.
Complex pages with images hosted elsewhere will give problems too. i.e. the page text will load, but the images will delay loading for up to 5 minutes.

I play a lot of quake3 and Wolfenstein:ET - it has frequent problems with packet loss and high pings. Plus the anti-cheat software (punkbuster) won't work as it can not resolve address of the master server.

I think the problem is DNS related. When the network drops off, i can only reach web servers etc. via IP address, not by their name.

P2P software like Bittorrent does work without problem as client info is given by IP address.

I'm using a LanCity modem within Amsterdam - hooked into the old a2000.nl network (someone told me chello/UPC bought them out years ago) powered by DHCP.
This is connected to a Linux PC serving as a router/firewall, in turn connected to a hub, allowing 3 computers in the house to use the internet.

I've formatted and reinstalled my PC (Win98SE). I've replaced all the network cards and cables.
I've replaced the PC serving as firewall/router (spoofed the MAC address so i would be authenticated) power-cycled the cable modem.
I've bypassed the router/firewall and plugged my PC into the firewall directly.
I've released and renewed my DHCP lease.

I have a unix shell account elsewhere which i've used to confirm that IP addresses that I cannot reach can be pinged from it.

The DNS server address automatically assigned by chello.nl are and
I've tried replacing them with the chello.nl DNS servers: and
The addresses work, but the speed problem is still there.

Does anyone know of any current issues with DNS? anyone have a suggestion?


Forgot to mention - i'm using chello Classic - the official rates are:
Download snelheid: 187.5Kbyte/s (1.5Mbit/s)
Upload snelheid: 16.0Kbyte/s (128.0Kbit/s)

Here is my test
Resultaten van https://www.speedtest.nl
(Overgenomen op Sun Nov 23 2003 om 15:07:38 UTC+0100)

Download : 28.7 KByte/sec
Upload : 13.4 KByte/sec
Connection : 374.0 Conn/min
Ping test Nederland : 20.0 ms

I cannot resolve https://test.net.upc.nl - the page will not load


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I can't help you with your speed problem. I think you've tried almost everything possible.
There are 2 things left you could do:
1 - Check the coax cable (radio & tv) to your modem for dirt, oxidation or lose contact.
2 - Give a call to the chello helpdesk. Tell them what you allready tried.

And about https://test.net.upc.nl .
I can't reach it either. It's down. Again!!

I just saw messages that more people are having trouble with opening certain pages.


I think you have the proxy server enabled.
turn this option of and you will see the speed is mutch better ;)


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Turn off DNS.
Turn off Proxy.
Turn off KaZaa.
Coax lenght must be less than 2 meter.
You behind a router/Firewall?? if so, turn off firewall.

If you did all this, still experiencing problems with speed, give our helpdesk a call... we can check your signal.



in regards to your wolfenstein/punkbuster problem, its a known problem with those 2, many players (including myself, i dont have chello) have the same problem. Try updating punkbuster manualy
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