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Data Limit???

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Hi All,
i'm a chello user from 6-7 months now.
I have it connected directly to my Linuxbox (Debian) on which i have installed many servers (ssh,ftp,apache) and now also MLDONKEY. Mldonkey (for the ones didn't know) is a multiprotocol filesharing program (really a daemon) that access to Bittorrent , Edonkey and other networks.
I'have problems with my connection. Since i started using filesharing programs my modem hangs after a certain amount of time (not always the same). I have to turn off and on the MODEM ITSELF again to start downloading again. Without filesharing everything is ok! I Thinked about a limit on the amount of outgoing connection so i limited the connections to 180 but it still doesn't help me. I'm a chello starndard user.
Do you know if there is any datalimit per time or a maxmimum connection limit ?
I will be happy to solve that problems coz is very frustrating to have this problem it maks me feel a windows user :P

Another question is about the AUP, what they do if you reach this 100GB limit?

I'm sorry i know that i can find the answers to my questions in this forum but i still cannot read dutch...

Thanks a lot in advance
Ziggy Stardust
The word in this forum is that if you reach a cerntain amount of the limit you will get an email, that informs you about you data use. When you are over the limit Chello will grade your connection down to 64K download until the next month is reached.

Do you use DHCP force on your modem?
I just use normal DHCP and i use no-ip.com as ip redirect.
I didn't do any kind of force/hack/trick on the modem.
Any idea about the modem hangs?
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