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Constant Internet Access Problems

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Hello everyone,

i just moved to NL, and i signed up internet and tv with Ziggo.

On the first days, the internet access was acceptable, not perfect or constant, but acceptable.

But now it's unusable, pages take forever to load, and if i do a speedtest i get about 0.8Mb line, which is unacceptable for a 60Mb line contract.

here is a resume of the tests of the last days:
(the ones i've managed to complete, because most of the times it doesn't even completes from so slow it is)

Since i'm new here, i wanted to first talk with you guys that are Ziggo users for a long time and know them better then i do, so, is this normal here in NL? normal with ziggo? is there a fault? can i give you some data from the router that helps?

Thanks for your help.
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Ziggo usually delivers the speed they promised. If that's not the case, there is something wrong. You should contact the servicedesk and ask them to diagnose your connection and your router.
I've been doing tests all week, and the speeds are ok now, the bad speeds happened on Sunday.

I will keep doing tests all days, and see if there's a pattern, for example, on weekends getting low speed, if so, they have a spike of costumers on the weekend on this area, and the infrastructure isn't enough for that.
just make sure to contact ziggo on the real bad moments, no use to confront them afterwards with bunches of stats while their lead will be a router-test performed from their core-network.
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