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Configuration @ IE

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Today I have gotten a new Chello cause my old was cut off from chello cause I have made to much Traffic the say.

And here to my Question:

The Chello man has typed a Ip in the InternetExplorer and there he has configured the Motorola SB4200E Surfboard Cable Modem. And I want to know the Ip hey has erased the Cached so I cant finde the Ip. There u Can change the Frequenze and so maybe u can download then faster or so I will try some Configurations @ it. Please say me then want for Ip i should type there in I remember it was a 195 or 193 Ip.

Thx 4 Help Deejay2k1

Probably the internal webserver of the motorola.
Try :
Hey Big thx that was it. Thx
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