Chello Set Top Computer Motorola DVi5000

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Has anyone got experience with Motorola DVi5000 STCs (set top computers), which UPC is using for DVB (digital video broadcast) in Austria?
It has an integrated DOCSIS cable modem, 10Base-T ethernet, USB and firewire-ports...
I am looking for a software source, (developer) information and/or hacks for this device...
Thx in forward for any clues :><
Well, I have one at home and it has tons of connections. But they are not enabled (yet). I've been looking for some tech docs but havn't found any. Too bad. / J

everyone with motorola dvixxx settop box can have infos and developer tools:
kind regards

Chello Set Top Computer Motorola DVi5000

je moet wel aangemeld zijn voor updates en andere dokumente, heb het geprobeerd maar krijg geen paswoord en inlog naam email terug gezonden terwijl de registratie succesvol was...heb je nog meer dvi5000 links of firmware update files? ....etc

alles welkom bij mijn dank u wel alvast

translated by Meeuw:
You have to be subscribed to updates and other documents, I've tried but I can't get a password and login name, I've replied to the email though the registration was successful.. Do you have other DVI5000 links or firmware update files? ... etc

Everything is welcome to me, thanks in advance.

-sigh ...
I also aplied for customer ID, but nothing received ???
Again, useless kick.
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