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Cable Modem Problem



Hello, im trying to setup internet connection (Chello Easy) in my laptop but i just can´t.
I've tried a dozen of times but it dont recongnize the connection.

I have Chello Instalation Cd and i'm trying with Motorola Cable Modem by USB.
It recognizes the internet account, the network but when it goes to cable modem stops.

I have another computer connected to that modem and it works perfectly.

Any help in english? i cannot find any solution for my setup problem.
Are you trying to connect 2 computers on one modem?
One by UTP and one by USB?
In that case, forget it. Chello only allows one computer per modem. If you want to connect more computers, you should work with a router. Connect the router (UTP) to the modem and then connect the computers with UTP (or wireless) to the (wireless) router.
I was looking for a nice wireless router to connect the two computers.
Maybe a Linksys because i can change the antennes.

Any sugestion?
Thank you for your help.
No experience with other types (exept Trust, but never trust Trust!), Linksys is anyhow a good one.
Kandinsky zei:
I was looking for a nice wireless router to connect the two computers.
Maybe a Linksys because i can change the antennes.

Any sugestion?
Thank you for your help.

I use both Linksys WRT54G and a WAP54G, and it works fine.

One tip.:
test everything without WEP or WPA, after all works well then configure ur WEP or WPA.

If everything goes well, ur laptop should get the encrytion key from the router or WAP(in my case)

I don't have a laptop, so on that point I good be wrong.

BTW, i have mine WAP54g connected to a router(wanport) from there to a switch and the PC's..on each ZonealarmFW
The WRT54G(L) is a very good choise!! (Except the very known Version 5)
I have the same router and it works excellent for my laptop and 2 pc's connected by cabble... (very stable connection and safe!)

I have a 3rd party firmware in it and very good option's are in in it to set.

Btw, fix a good (stable) connection befor you are going to set the setting's in the router.... And check everting multiple times. :)

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Yes,I had the same problems at first,when configuring my laptop with the WRT54G.
Everytime I lost the wireless connection,so I first did the setup without any safety allowing all to connect to it.Now I found the laptop made an easy connection.But first I needed to unplug the powercord from the router,this was because when I reboot the laptop it discovers a new device making the router unable to detect the laptop internal wireless device.Strange but true.
After I setup WEP the laptop made the connection and wanted me to fill in the code,then it worked fine.

The key is to make an unsafe connection first,and when you need to reboot the laptop ,then reboot the router also.Afterwards you can setup the safety meassures.
My current situation is I switched off the wireless part of the router,and when I need the laptop I switch it on again,now the laptop can't connect so I remove the power from the router for some seconds and then I get the password part on my laptop.I got the V7.00.0 version.
I have bought the Wireless Router SiteCom WL 160.
I had a computer connected to Cable Modem by Ethernet and now i have connected the router to the modem (wan) and the computer to the router (ethernet) but it have slowered the connection speed and it gives me a lot of DNS errors.

I could show you the computer settings but if followed everything that was on the papers with the router.
Any sugestions about the problems with connection speed and dns errors?
The kind of problems you describe are sometime caused by not or badly cloning the nic macadres.

How to connect a router?
- Connect only the computer, that had a working connection with chello, to the lan of the router by means of utp cable.
- Get into the routers setup wizard.
- Follow this wizard, but make sure that you choose for cablemodem, dynamicly assigned ip adresse and that the macadres of the nic is cloned correctly.
You do this only once, namely for the computer that had an working connection without the router, so don't do this for any 2e, 3e ... computer you connect.

When everything is done en saved. Switch off modem, router, computer.
Wait ± 30 sec, start the modem, wait ± 30 sec, start the router, wait ± 30 sec, start your computer.
You should now have a good working connection. If that's the case you can configure the wireless part.
Maybe that could be the main problem (MacAdress).
I will try that way.

Thank you for the reply