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# These notes were made by Joe Castle while disassembling his own WRT55AG
# hardware on date 2005-03-05. Last updated 2005-03-05 at 11:45:30 UTC.
# You are free to distribute this information (consider it Public Domain).

Deconstruction notes

LinkSys Wireless A+G Broadband Router

Model No.: WRT55AG Ver.2
Serial No.: MDJ104B11274
MAC Addr: 0012176137EA

Made in Taiwan

Power: 5 VDC 2.5A


Antennas are non-detachable.

1.) Remove four "rubber feet" inserts from bottom of unit
2.) Unfasten two screws from blue half of unit bottom
3a.) Void your waranty and remove the appropriate sticker with a razorblade.
3b.) Do not push top/bottom surfaces, the "snap fit" is only on the sides of unit.
3c.) Pull blue end off while pushing grey sides in.
4.) Slide out grey bottom tray
5.) Note Hardware

# PCB Etch:
# ____________________
# |WRTA-119AG_V01    |
# |109-102-4500      |
# |(PWC) J-0 94V-0   |
# |_0_4_4_4_-07      |
# |__________________|

Miscelaneous Chips:
* Two pcs of: PH202484 | YCL (registered symbol) 0425
* 0444 | LF-H17X-2
* PJ49 | GDE
* ADB 424
* Three pcs of: ADB 430
* AME 1117 | ACCT | 0426
* KENDIN | KS8995M | 0426A4 | GDF6859 | 1530774
* what looks like a crystal: 25.000 | SIWARD 4J
* Atheros | AR5312A-00 | GB6335.1B | 3004 | TAIWAN
* Two pcs of: GLT5640L16-6TC | 444     HA00733
* SST | 39VF3201 | 70-4C-EK | 0418324-A
* Two pcs of: 8807 | AEHA | 0415

Other LinkSys notes:
* MAC Addr is printed to sticker placed on the radio RF shielding nearest the LEDs
* There is a place for a 14 pin (two rows of 7 pins) header; "J1" label
* One pcs of: 10V 470uF capacitor (looks like electrolytic)
* Two pcs of: 10V 100uF capacitor (looks like electrolytic)
* Various SMT parts
* One pcs of unidentified SMT part: E | 260
* There is a place for a 9 pin (one row of 5 pins, one row of 4 pins) header; "JP1" label

Removing Board From Tray:
6.) Unfasten screw located between YCL0425 and 0444|LF-H17X-2
7.) Slide PCB board down to line up with keys
8.) Remove PCB board from tray
9.) Photograph PCB board bottom
Exposing Radios
10.) Loosen RF shielding at ten points around each shield
* use fine blade screwdriver (flat head) to twist-pry for loosening
# ,-0-------0-------0-,
# 0                   0
# |  (top radio)      |
# |                   |
# 0                   0
# '-0-------0-------0-'

# ,-0-------0-------0-,
# 0                   0
# |(bottom radio with |
# | bar code label)   |
# 0 ['||''|'""||'"|]  0
# '-0-------0-------0-'

11.) Carefully remove shielding, exposing both radios
* note that the top radio shield has a square of material on the inside opposite (farthest away) from the Atheros chip;  the bottom radio shield does not have this material

Top Radio Chips (Nearest to DC power termination receptacle)
* Atheros AR5112A-00 | CN2839.00C | 3004 | KOREA
* MSC | 5506 | 435AU
* P94

Bottom Radio Chips (Nearest to front LEDs)
* Atheros AR2212A-00 | CM9840.00E | 2804 | HONG KONG
* what looks like a crystal: e 40.000 | .FA443
* MSC | 5510 | 436BB
* P94

Other notes:
* Stamped on topside of PCB board in black ink is: PJ3 | 31

* When unit is functional, it should be noted that the LinkSys web interface displays a version of 1.10

* Unit purchased from CompUSA retail location in Highland Park, IL USA


   Tutorial: Adding an SD card reader to your Linksys WRT54G 

By Rasmus Rohde and Mads Ulrik Kristoffersen 

Voor de echte lefhebbers

How to proceed
For the SD card to work we need to attach 6 wires inside the router. This drawing of the SD card should give an idea of the pins that come into play:

CS - Chip Select for the SD card
DI - Data in on the SD card.
VSS - Ground is a good thing
VDD - We need power of course. 3.3V will do the job
CLK - The clock we generate for the SD card
VSS2 - Another ground is also a good thing
DO - Data out from the SD card

Er hoort ook nog een progje geschreven in C(++) plus een Make file bij.
Chello Anarchist zei:
Tutorial: Adding an SD card reader to your Linksys WRT54G

Dit is eigenlijk best wel gaaf. Een 2 Gb SD card erin en je hebt een fluisterstille, kleine en zuinige linux webserver!
Firmware update: IPv6(+IPv4) support voor de WRT54g.
Leuk als je een IPv6 adress hebt bij SixXS!

Ohja, kan trouwens ook met de openwrt firmware, eigenlijk veel mooier :)
Linkje over WRT54G Routers

Linksys WRT54G and WRT54GS Models
Must be running a suitable third party firmware such as HyperWRT, SveaSoft, DD-WRT, etc as the native Linksys firmware does not support external logging tools like Link Logger.

Configuration examples for


SveaSoft Satori and Alchemy
heb ik iets vernomen over WPA maar deze schijnt alleen met SP2 overweg te kunnen en niet met sp1.

Asl dat zo is dan is me alles duidelijk, heb alleen SP1.

Is iemand hiermee bekent?
SP2 heeft ingebouwde ondersteuning voor WPA.
Er bestaat echter een patch voor XP die dit ook zonder sp2 mogelijk maakt.
Misschien heb jij er iets aan.